Infrared Moisture Scan Surveys

Here at Bartch Roofing Company, we understand that leaks are potentially harmful to the life of your roof and can be extremely costly. In order to limit these problems, we offer "Infra-red Moisture Scan Surveys".

These surveys are designed to isolate the location of water infiltration of the roof system, so that repairs can be faster and more cost effective for you, our customers.

What are Infra-red Moisture Scan Surveys and how do they work?

Simply put, an Infra-red moisture scan is a nondestructive procedure that uses Infrared thermal imaging cameras to show where water is trapped in a roof system. When water enters into a roof either by tears, cuts, failed seals at penetrations or flashings it may become trapped in the layers of the roof. Left unchecked the moisture accelerates deterioration. Insulation becomes laden with water and the decking becomes vulnerable; concrete substrates absorb and trap moisture, metal decks rust and wood decking rots resulting in asset loss.

When the suns energy is absorbed into the roof and substrate the wet areas retain the energy in the form of heat. At night the heat is released back into the surrounding area. The infra-red camera detects this heat and consequently the moisture is discovered.

An infra-red scan can be used to isolate areas of a roof that are failing in this manner and allow for a surgical removal and repair rather than a total replacement resulting in lower costs and lengthening the life of the overall roof system.